G.O. About
Plastic Man

A video about one consumer, one year, and 326 unnecessary plastic bags.

Camera: Samantha Thomas
Music: The Kinks, “Plastic Man”


A website designed as part of an identity system for a real estate company.

Designed while working at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

Think About Plastic

2015 Senior Thesis using plastic to explore society’s consciousness of everyday objects.

Direction: Joe Marianek and Dinah Fried

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Plastic & Sons

A satirical high-end retail store selling plastic bags.

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A decorative typeface made by breaking mirrors.

Met HD

A folding postcard for BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music).

Landfill Lasagna

A lasagna-list of items in landfills and how long they take to decompose.

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A rebrand of former Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota when they secede from the U.S.A. The people take control of their resources to become one with their lands and objects.

True Story

A translation of Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried studies the meaning of “truth.”

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A study of society based on Google Trends.

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2013 print portfolio inspired by an immersion into the worlds of design and peanut butter.

The Roman Empire

An interactive catalogue for Roman emperors to manipulate their portraits as propaganda.